Fatherhood 2018 – how the band is starting to sound…

Just thought I’d share our latest song. It’s not quite as we wanted it, but it gives you an idea of how we are sounding in 2018.

This song was written by Richard about a future visit to America for the first time, in winter of course…

Rain in the Malleeeeeeeeee!

Vid from our last gig at The Wheaty in Adelaide. We had a blast there and played a whole varied of songs, this being one of the more upbeat songs.

Our show at the X-Theatre, Adelaide College of the Arts, 19th July 2017: –

Had such a blast playing an intimate show at this venue in Light Square, Adelaide. Do you like the video?

Our new video just landed – ahead of time…!

Friend and supporter of The Fatherhood, Clint Mullins, filmed us at a practice and has composed a new video featuring our song “Heathrow Behind”. We are really grateful to Clint for putting this together and it helps to feature one of eleven original songs on our debut album Dreams Enough to Share.

The first “gig” The Fatherhood played was a Wednesday night at the Ripple n Swirl Cafe, Christies Beach, South Australia, back in 2014 when the band was just Richard and Geoff. It went fine, but our clearest memory of that night was receiving a compliment about a song we had just played for the first time, Myponga Beach, and how the listener had connected with the sound and the place in a new way.

It wasn’t deliberate, but we reckoned it was ok to write songs about real people and real places. And it’s only natural that South Australian themes feature in a few of our songs.

Each time we have played we’ve been bowled over by the fantastic receptions and kind words we hear. We can only say, from the bottom of our hearts how wonderful is it to be able to put our own original songs and our music out into the public.

Here are some of them…..

Myponga Beach – a song about contentment. Just that. We can go through life wanting the next best thing, wanting the top job or craving things we don’t have. But this song is about a realisation that you don’t need more than the simplest things, like going to the beach on a winter’s day, to be happy.


Myponga Beach, South Australia

Rain in the Mallee – a more rocky song about driving home across the Mallee landscape of South Australia. The footage here is from our show at Wirra Creek Music/South Coast Folk Club on Thursday 12th May 2016. Guitar legend Chris Finnen is playing lead guitar on this one.

Best Night Ever – a song about the sheer delight of taking your children camping for the first time, in this case to Deep Creek Conservation Park in South Australia.

Friday 13th – our only angry song (fortunately), about when everything gets on top of you and people just don’t seem to behave nicely.

Heathrow Behind – a song that celebrates the achievements and difficulties surrounding picking up your life and moving 11,000 miles as many of us in Australia have done.

Long Weekend – a simple song celebrating the train journey home for a holiday weekend!

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This video of Long Weekend was filmed at our Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale gig on Friday 13th May 2016. The line-up featured Brian Lamb on lead guitar.

Anthem of the North – a love song about the early years of marriage and being fortunate to live close to the wonderful moorland of northern England.