Much going on?

Just thought I would write a quick random update on The Fatherhood.

Our debut album has been mastered by Mark and is ready to produce. We are just procuring and negotiating the production. We’ve done all the artwork, sleeve notes, sound recording and mixing ourselves and I can honestly say it’s something we are going to be proud of.

The title is “Dreams Enough to Share”, a lyric line from our seemingly popular song “Heathrow Behind”.

We are really chuffed to have Chris Finnen play on the album; he’s such an amazing talent and has brought our songs and tunes to life.

We’ve applied to play at some Festivals and have been researching gig venues to coincide with our album launch this spring.

Plus, we’ve been working hard at rehearsals to get our new guitarist Lyn Sanders up to speed. He’s doing so well at picking everything up and has already brought some amazing new sounds and effects into the overall mix.

I guess that’s it for now, just some announcements to come soon I expect, so watch this space!!

Richard 🙂

At work on the album…

At work on the album

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