A great time at the Groove Garden and a CD Review…

I’m hopeless at blogging. No, really I am am. When we have in our hands the most rewarding and satisfying CD Review you could wish for, well, I forget to publicise it. So let’s start with how the gig went yesterday.

The soundcheck took a year, but they worked hard at it and the sound came over well I think. The set was fun and well received but we were only in the second song and I broke a string. The amazing Clint Mullins saved me while I picked up the fiddle and we switched the set around.

As usual the venue was brilliant with Samra being absolutely fantastic as usual, looking after everything from food, friendship, to photos.

There was a cameraman there from a TV production unit of some sort. Hopefully we get to see something of his art in the near future.

Now back to that review. Many thanks to Rod at Glam Adelaide for giving us the thumbs up. Read here…


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