So what do The Fatherhood 2018 sound like these days?

Not much happening but I am impressed with the 2018 Fatherhood’s commitment to practice. We skipped a practice for the Queen’s Birthday holiday, but prior to that we’ve done 16 consecutive Monday nights!

So, how do we sound. Well I wasn’t going to post this but we did do a quick recording and video just to give you an idea. I kind of like the song anyway.

I wrote the opening lines of this song when Brian was in the band back in 2015, reflecting on having an American guy in the band but never having been there. I built up an image of visiting the USA, traveling round, staying places and for some reason it was always really cold in my mind’s eye…

Enjoy listening and viewing. There are many things about it we’d all change, but I do want to start to get the songs back out there; it’s been too long.

So here goes, and the lyrics are here too, down below.

Laughing in the DarkĀ  – (c) Richard Brown 2018

Deep deep snow in Boston

An ocean beach in Maine

Lebanon, Ohio

Or wild Vermont again


Arrive back in Seattle

The lonely road behind

Sit here by the fire

If you feel inclined


Laughing in the dark

Wood fire glowing red

Whisky on the hearth

And a song is in my head

Going home, going home

Going home, with you

Going home, going home

Going home, with you


Have you been to America?

And driven the Kansas plains

Forests of Colorado

Alabama in the rain


Flying into Fairbanks

Cold wind blowing through

Home is by the fireside

Home is here with you


Laughing in the dark etc


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